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Please help me pray for my husband and children to have faith in God, no matter what the circumstances are. I am requesting God’s favor in our finances as currently I am the sole bread winner. My husband is not working and he has started stealing our belongings and selling them cheap to feed his addiction, which I do not know as he is very secretive. I do not trust him, he is telling a lot of lies. Our car has been broken since January, 2013. I pray that God can bless us with a car and finances. 


That was the cry of a woman name Lulama calling all the way from Durban, South Africa. How was I able to answer her call?  It was one of those nights when I couldn’t sleep. I lied in the bed tossing and turning hoping that eventually I would drift off, but to no avail.  I grabbed my phone from off the nightstand and started flipping through the internet channel surfing hoping to find something interesting enough to help past the time until my body was ready to call it quits for the night.  I came across a couple of online magazine articles boasting about the latest celebrity gossip; definitely wasn’t trying to go to sleep with someone else’s drama on my mind so… NEXT!


Finally, I found something of interest, a link www.stormieomartian.com/prayforothers. I recognized Stormie Omartian as the woman who wrote the well-known book, The Power of a Praying Wife.  And the fact that she was talking about praying for others really got my attention. Why? Because I along with other great women started a group called PrayHers for the purpose of invoking women to, instead of competing and envying one another, to pray one another’s.  So when I happened upon this website I was intrigued.  I clicked on the link and it was like a bomb detonated. It was explosive! I had landed on a page filled with actual prayer request from all over the world: Africa, Dubai, Belgium, United Kingdom, Australia, and of course all around the Unites States.   Why am I so excited?   


A couple years back I had envisioned a website exactly like the one I was lead to.  I had always seen where websites offered the opportunity to submit a request but never where the request was public. What’s so unique about this site is that each prayer request has a button assigned that reads, I will pray for this need and a ticker letting the requestor know how many people agreed to pray.  What a powerful tool and a way to assure people that their prayers are being acknowledged. Transparency can be rewarding.  It doesn’t matter if a person is thousands of miles away from you.  All prayers gather in ONE place and that is at the throne of God and then answered according to faith. There is great power in praying for others.  It is a sowing and reaping system that is undeniably effective. When I have moments of discouragement or I feel myself becoming self-consumed I will in-turn make a conscious decision to shelf my issues and focus on others. I will solicit prayers if I have to just to get from under the grip of selfishness and when I do my problems always get worked out.   So when I happened on this website, it was like blinking lights and fireworks blaring.  Or like approaching a pond filled with unlimited blessings only to be fished out by a simple prayer.   As I scrolled down the page, 1 Peter 5:8-9 took on a much deeper meaning.   Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:  Whom resist steadfast in the faith, knowing that the same afflictions are accomplished in your bretheren (sister) that are in the world.   The devil specializes in isolation. One of his popular tricks is to convince us that we are alone and our prayers will forever go unanswered; that the way it is- is the way it will always be. That’s a lie that must be resisted. There are many in the world that have been in the same situation as you and have overcome the adversary. The devil may be at work in the world, but God is working a greater work in and through those who understand and will take advantage of the power of prayer.  


There are no boundaries in the realm of the spirit. The woman in Bulgaria, her heart bleeds pain the same as the woman in California.  The devil doesn’t discriminate.  It doesn’t matter to him a person’s location. He seeks to devour marriages, health, finances, peace, and an individual’s purpose, whether they are in the jungles of Africa or on the streets in Detroit, MI.  I didn’t truly realize this until I was reading the call for help from my wounded sisters living thousands of miles from me.  I don’t know why I exempted them from the same issues that plagued American women, but I did.  I suppose it was because like many I viewed the world from my city, my state, and my country. Their world was just an occasional story on the news deserving of little attention. I didn’t have a clue.  I was surprised at the number of women around the world who was reaching out for God to heal their suffering marriage. The amount of infidelity, abuse, bitterness, and anger growing in marriages is astounding. And these women, like American’s will go to battle for their man and will battle you if they have to!


After reading tons of requests it was time to act. I approached their prayers as if they were my own, because in the spirit- they were my own.  I saw us as ONE body of believers working together building up the body of Christ in love and with love.   As I was praying I felt a strong sense of unity. The world became smaller and God became bigger. It didn’t matter that I will probably never lay eyes on these women. The only thing that mattered was that the call rang in the throne room and I was present to answer.   A woman in South Africa will have a wonderful marriage because a woman in Texas prayed on her behalf. Bodies will be healed, finances increased, loved ones delivered from drugs because someone answered the call to PrayHers. What about you?  Will you answer her when she calls? Can she count on you? Or are you too consumed with your own interest? I believe we are entering into a season where God is restoring women to the role of HELPmeet.  I am not referring necessarily to a spousal role but a role where women will unselfishly be available to aid, support, and champion the assignment or purpose of each other. For a long time women have done exactly the opposite.  We have been so insecure and fearful that we have become afraid of each other. Afraid to trust, give compliments, and more important humble ourselves under her dreams or assignment; afraid of being left incomplete and short of our own hopes and dreams.   God is saying, “ENOUGH! There is more than enough of ME to accommodate ALL of YOU, put away the childish behavior and become the women that I need you to be in this season. I need you to be confident, secure, and humble before Me so that I can exalt you to higher places. But as long as you are deceived into thinking that by helping her it will take away from you then you limit Me in your own life. If you help her I will add to you. So stop competing, stop the envy, and stop the hate and join up with each other so that I can use you for My Glory”. 


That’s it ladies! God needs us and we need each other. In Hers’ is Yours’. Help God help you. Get behind the command to PrayHers. It’s a new day!  Look not every (wo)man on his[her] own things, but every (wo)man on the things of otHERs. Philippians 2:4


Oh wait…I hear a call coming in…


Please pray for my daughter Natasha she just had a baby boy 2 months ago and her husband is verbally, emotionally, psychologically abusive 24/7 even more than that. Please everyone pray to keep my daughter and her baby boy safe at times. Her husband threatens her all the time. We need help and fast because she will not leave him. Thank you and God bless all of you.


That was from Lorrie in Orange, California


She’s calling you! Will you answer?                    


June 7, 2013


 She's Calling You!

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