• Jade Jemison

What You Thought You Lost, Can Be Found!

It was my 25th birthday, and I was blessed to receive a pair of handmade, 14k gold earrings from my older sister. They were the most beautiful earrings I had ever seen. They were beaded with some of my favorite colors: beige, brown, cream, and white. They were the kind of earrings you wore with that certain outfit, or for a special occasion. I had planned a trip to a church convention in Tulsa, OK, and decided to take along my special earrings. I wore them to a service and ended up losing one of them in the sanctuary. I was so disappointed! I prayed, “ Lord please help me find my earring. Please show me where it is!” It was at that moment I sensed God say to me "Whatever you thought you lost, can be found again. All you have to do is ask, and I will show you where it is." I didn't quite understand what He meant at the time. The next day I searched the sanctuary, but I didn’t find it. I left Tulsa—without the earring. I thought to myself, I never should have worn them. Now I only have one. I know it seems as if I was making a big fuss over a material object, but they had a lot of sentimental value. A year later I returned to the same conference in Tulsa OK. I thought again to myself, wouldn’t it be great if I found my missing earring? I went to service that night, same as I did a year ago, but before the service I stopped at the lost and found to see if by chance the earring had surfaced. To my surprise, when the volunteer pulled out a small box of trinkets, lo and behold, there was my earring! I was so elated! Then the words that the Lord spoke to me came flooding back into my spirit. "Whatever you thought you lost can be found again, all you have to do is ask and I will show you.” Finding my earring would have been a perfect ending to the story. However, about 8 months after I came home from Tulsa I was at a park, wearing those same earrings. I didn’t notice, until I returned home, that one was missing.

Oh no, not again! Again, I prayed, “Holy Spirit please show me where my precious earring is!” I sensed His voice instructing me to go back to the park, and search the area I was sitting. The next day I did just that, and found my earring! I wish I could say I never lost that earring again, but I did. And like the previous times, I prayed and yes I found it. And in case you are wondering, yes I still have them. Now, this may sound like a cute little lost n' found story about an earring, but in actuality it's much more than that! In my life I have shed many tears, feeling as though I have lost out for ever. When I was single I thought I lost the opportunity to get married. When I finally got married, it was it was the opportunity to have kids. Then it was my career—if only I had finished college at a certain time in my life. I guess what I'm trying to say is that there will always be times when we feel that we have missed it. That we will never have an opportunity to recover what was seemingly lost.

The Holy Spirit is the ultimate GPS guide! Nothing that we do shocks or throws Him off guard. He knows how to re-direct us back on our journey even if we take a wrong turn, or miss our exit. He is our very present help in time of need. He is there to make sure things work out for our good.

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose! Romans 8:28. So my beloved sister maybe you feel there are somethings you may have lost: a wayward child, a broken marriage, the opportunity to get married or have children, the start of a ministry, or a career or whatever seem lost in your life. I just wanted to encourage you that God’s got you! It’s never too late. All you have to do is just ask! Prayer: Father God, in Jesus name I ask to hear your voice clearly, that you give me wisdom in every area of my life. Lead and guide me into all truth according to Proverbs 3:5. I lean not upon my own understanding, but in all my ways I acknowledge you, and you will direct my path so that (fill in the blank for whatever may have been lost in your life) is restored unto me according to your will for my life. Positive affirmation: God is working everything out for my good.



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