• Tamara L. Dean

Peace, Be Still

"Peace, be still!" Those words are for anyone who might be dealing with turmoil or confusion in their life right now. Peace, be still, that is what Jesus said to the strong violent winds, and the high giant waves that were beating against the boat while he was trying to get some sleep. In others words, Jesus was not moved or intimidated by what was going on around Him.

Jesus knew that He had some place to be, and He was determined to get there. It was His disciples that were in a complete uproar, and questioning whether or not Jesus' concern for their life. Therefore, in order to calm them Jesus had to calm what they had their eyes on, and that was the storm. So He got up, commanded the wind and the waves to shut up, and not to say another word. If you break it down that’s exactly what He said. [Read Mark 4:37-39]

Problems and worry have a way of speaking to us. Wouldn’t you agree? A pain in your body might try and tell you that you are not healed. Your bank account might tell you what you can and cannot buy. Confusion will make you believe that you lack wisdom in what to do in your current situation. Fret not, it’s only the winds and the waves trying to get your mind on the problem instead of the problem solver—Jesus. So, if you are one of those who have situations that are yelling out at you just say, “Shut up, don’t say another word.” Peace, be still.

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