• Tamara L. Dean

The Mammogram Test!

When I went in for a routine mammogram, I walked out not expecting to return again until the following year. So, when the Doctors office called me 5 days later to come back for “further testing” I responded as if I had just been insulted.

“Further testing? for what?" I asked.

“The Doctor saw a change in your right breast, and would like to perform a diagnostic exam”, the nurse answered, “you have dense tissue on the right side.”

I had no idea at the time what that even meant. This was only my second exam, ever, so I was still new to all of the lingo. However, I knew it didn't sound like something I wanted to hear.

Immediately, fear began circulating my mind. I felt nervous, confused, and anxious. Anxious to find out more. Anxious to know exactly what the Doctor saw. Anxious to know if I was about to be in the biggest fight of my life.

The earliest they could get me in was September 19th, which was 10 days away. So, for 10 long agonizing days I had to fight off negative thoughts, and the possibility of hearing a name that not only was intimidating, but had taken so many loved ones. My dad included. A name no one wants to be assoicated with— Cancer. At times I had to fight back tears as I thought of my husband, my daughter, my family, and all I still had to accomplish. Wondering if I was going to be able to enjoy it all. For a person who had very little information I was definitely over reacting. I scrambled to grab hold of myself, reminding myself of who I was in Christ, which helped tremendously.

September 19th came, and I went in for “further testing.” I was there for two hours. In the end everything checked out ok. The Doctor wanted to make sure that there was nothing serious hiding behind the dense area of my breast. I was very relieved to say the least, but then I thought about those whose report may not be so welcoming. I asked the Doctor out of curiosity, “Are there times when you look at the screen, and you can say without out a doubt, that’s cancer? With disappointment in her voice she replied, “All the time.” My heart instantly felt saddened. For 10 days I felt like I had walked in the shoes of those who fight daily against a disease that carries such a deadly reputation. Suddenly, I had great compassion and empathy.

I knew breast cancer awareness month was coming up, and I was not only interested in bringing awareness, but prayer as well for women who are in the fight to win. I am a firm believer in the power of prayer, so I decided to create a, Wall of Faith. The Wall of Faith is an opportunity for you to upload your name and picture, or someone else's name and picture, who is a fighter or survivor of any life-threatening disease, to the wall for 60 days of prayer. I want women to know they are not alone. There are women willing to pray HERS. So, during the months of October and November I will not only share helpful information, inspiring stories of survival, but I have committed to pray every day for the names written on the wall.

So please help spread the word. Tell your friends, family, and co-workers to add the names of those who are survivors and fighters of any disease, so that together we can PrayHers.



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