• Tamara L Dean

The Phone Call That Made Her Faint!

“Hi this message is for_________. We were given your name as next of kin or emergency contact for ______. My name is Jessica with X funeral home. If you would give us a call back I would appreciate it.”

Let me fill in the blanks for you. The first blank was the name of my friend. The second blank- the name of her daughter. That was the call she received while at work. She was so devastated she fainted.

I had been thinking about my sister in Christ for a while, but I had been putting it off, but at this particular moment, even though I was hard at work and focused on a project, I sensed the need to just stop and at least let my sister know that I was thinking about her.

So, I did! She replied,

“Girl, God must have sent you a message”

Me: “It’s possible, because you have been on my mind. How are you?”

And that’s when she shared the news about the dreaded phone call!

She was at work, and unable to answer her phone, but when she replayed the message her mind could not comprehend what her ears were hearing about her daughter who was away at college. , The pain and shock was unbearable, and so she passed out!

She caught a flight out to see what was going on. Imagine the weight that was lifted off of her heart when she found out it was a case of mistaken identity. She experienced a resurrection.

The news was bitter sweet, because either way a family had to endure great sadness. The student who died suddenly was the roommate of my friends daughter.

I prayed for my dear sister, due to the scare she encountered, but perhaps the urgency to reach out may have had more to do with the family affected by the loss than it was about my friend.

Wouldn’t you agree that anyone coping with a loss of a child could use all the prayers that they can get? Isn’t it interesting how God will call us through one another to one another? My heart was broken for a family I didn’t even know. I can’t even tell you their names, but God knows their names. And He connected me through a simple text message in order that I may pray.

So, what am I saying? Three Things:

  1. Let’s not ignore when someone frequents our mind. Don’t always assume it’s just a coincidence. It could be a life and death moment. Not just physical, it could be emotional, or financial. Perhaps, that individual is on the verge of making a decision that is going to wreck their finances, or well-being. Or, they are so down in the dumps and feeling alone, and then you step in at the right time with the right words that changes everything.

  2. We are fitly joined together. God made us to operate as one. We supply each other with what is needed to make the body of Christ grow (see Ephesians 4:16). That is why the ability to walk in unity and love must be operating in and through us.

  3. God will never leave or forsake us. He will send help when help is needed. So, be ye ready when He calls.

So, the next time that person keeps crossing the brain, stop what you are doing and say, Hey, thinking about you. How is everything?

Until next time I will be praying yours, and I hope you are praying mine. God bless.

Your sis in Christ,




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