• Tammy L Dean

Breathe and Birth!

I was riding in the car with my daughter Destiny, who was sitting on the passenger side. It had only been a matter of days since our 2nd annual Sisterhood, Call to Unity conference, and I was already moving fast forward in planning for 2019. As I anxiously fired off one idea after another, I turned and asked her opinion on one idea in particular. She boldly snapped back, “Mom, just breathe!!!” Perhaps she was just as tired from watching the process, as I was working the process. She witnessed the many hours I spent in front of the computer. The phone calls. The frustrations. The fears and doubts. How could I be mad at her for wanting to see her mother take a step back? She said it with so much passion I felt obligated to heed her advice.

The next day I found myself at one of my favorite spots that I retreat to when I’m looking for relaxation. A place near water. Something about being near water that is calming to my soul.

Pic below: The text I sent to my daughter from my relaxation spot.

I drove to my spot, put the car in park, took in a deep breath, as if I was breathing in the smell of fresh donuts, and then I exhaled tears. I boohooed. It was like I had turned on a water faucet, and released months of pent up emotions. During the planning of the conference I didn’t have time to wallow in pity parties. I had to constantly ignore the opportunities to get pulled over by my emotions. I had a job to get done; therefore, I continued to deny my feelings and maintain my focus. As women we have mastered making sure everything and everyone else is taken care of without much concern over how we ourselves our faring.

But, once I gave myself permission to simply breathe, I breathed out the pain of seeing my nephew battle mental illness. I breathed out the death of one of my favorite cousins, and the disappointment I received from people I thought were trustworthy. Not to mention trying to prepare and sell a house in a different state. It was a lot, but I remained relentless in order not to relinquish my faith.

In this journey, we call life, it won't always be easy! storms will come. People will go. The temptation to quit will try and block our way, but let us be reminded of these 5 things if we want to manifest our dreams:

  1. Be prepared to puuuush:. Distractions, disappointments, and setbacks are inevitable. Don’t be moved. Weapons will form, but that doesn’t mean they will prosper (Isaiah 54:17).

  2. Be intentional: Know the end goal you are after, so that when the darts are aimed you stay more focused on the goal than you are on the darts.

  3. Don’t fear the outcome: Don’t allow the fear of failure, low attendance, no attendance, or support to stop you.

  4. Know your why: Knowing the why for what you are doing will lessen the temptation to give into fear. If your “why” is as unto the Lord then keep pushing.

  5. Don’t forget to breathe. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Take praise breaks. Celebrate how far you have come.

Until next time I will be praying yours, and I hope you are praying mine.



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