~ This book has been a game changer for me!!! It takes showing LOVE toward others to another level!!!! Want a husband ladies? How about praying for another woman to receive her husband? Want a new house? Then how about praying for another woman to receive her house.  Stephanie L. Jones, Author of the Enemy Between My Legs


~ I am writing this with tears falling from my eyes as I think about this book and this challenge, because it came to me at a time when I felt like I really needed something, and now that I have finished reading the book I know that this is just what I needed! I can't even explain the peace that I feel inside.  - Monique Dear, MI


~ I am feeling especially good today and happy for that!!! I can recall just a few months ago not being able to say that. I am on Day 28 and throughly enjoyed the connection to Matthew 8:23-24...but Jesus was sleeping. I promise, once I really put into action my belief that I am always covered, I have felt change in my life. I have adopted the line of saying, "I have no reason to believe that God will leave me now" I mean if He didn't leave me when..." I am so very grateful for this PrayHers challenge. - Helena Gardner, MI


~ I have completed the challenge, yet I have only begun. Thank you Tamara! I gained self-awareness and greater focus. I am committed to remember to...PrayHers. -Barbara Ann


~ I love the book! It's inspirational. It makes you really reach inside yourself...I also love sharing what I've read. Enbrea D'Sean Camper, NC


~ "This is so real and so powerful, that I hope to make this a part of my life for the rest of my life."    -MJW


It works!! Day 2 of the challenge and I prayed for a friend. No, I didn't call her and ask "How can I help" but just prayed the prayer calling her name to God. I saw her at church tonight and hugged her. I told her I specifically prayed for her and that I have faith that God will answer her prayers. She started crying and told me that she is indeed going through some things and needed to hear that from me.  I'm so humbled right now and grateful to be a vessel for God. - V. Allen., LA


~ The PrayHers 31 Day Challenge helped me to deal with my insecurities about women. It has helped me to see other women of God as my ally and not my competition. When I help HER, I help me.  - Pecola Robinson, MI


~ A lot of times we tend to think, if WE are doing better or have more material things then we once had, we are blessed. But as day 16 speaks, we are TRULY BLESSED when we are a blessing to SOMEONE ELSE. Day 16 had me excited to continue this challenge. - La Keisha Carter, TX


~ "Thank u so much Tamara! The introduction had me shouting Amen! Thank u for your vision. ...transition time."- Samica Smith, SC


~ Today is actually my 2nd day on the challenge and I am lost for words, but in a very good way - S. Sanders, SC


~  Tamara, I'm up late thinking and praying and just want to tell you that your book has been as helpful to me as my bible has been. I refer to it often. I've learned how to pray for people that I didn't want to even say hi to... But God! He has changed and strengthened my walk with him, so to pray for people who have hurt me, has become a lot easier. My sister in  Christ, thank you so much. Your spirit knew what the women of Prayhers needed before we knew! #BeBlessed and #Encouraged!! -

Robin Dickerson, PA- Every Day Pretty Inc, owner




 Join the challenge, Today!

What are you praying about?

Don't spend another day consumed with just your own hopes and dreams. Pray about HER career,  HER finances, HER marriage, and HER aspirations and watch YOURS  grow as a result.  


In Hers is Yours. What does that mean?

Imagine that you have an apple seed in your hand and you desire to have apples. Inside of the seed you are holding are the apples you desire, but the only way to get to the apples is to plant the seed into the ground. You represent the apple seed. Your sister represents the ground. When you sow into HER life and the lives of others, you reap a return.  


Your return for sowing yourself into the lives of others will be immeasurable. You may never know how far and wide the fruit of your seed will spread.


Do you want love? Sow love. Do you want finances? Sow or give finances. Do you want a husband? Pray for someone else to be blessed with a husband. 

How does the challenge work?

For 31 days post, tweet, text, email or phone-in a prayer on behalf of another sister. The choice is yours. Each day begins with a scripture reference, topical summary, and then ends with a prayer for you to pray on behalf of another.  


So, grab the sisters in your women's group, your church, grab your friends and family and unite for 31 days of unselfish love one for anotHER. 


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A place to vent and  be transparent without the burden of being judged or ridiculed, because of a struggle.  A place to be REAL so that you can be FREE.  Pray Hers with a Pure Heart so that we can ALL walk in power and purpose.   Link up here!

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