Dr. Stacia' Alexander

Dr. Stacia’Alexander is a seasoned mental health professional, author and speaker. Her experience in capturing an audience's attention centers around her matter-of-fact approach. She uses her knowledge of human behavior to develop and execute programming that engages audiences to fully participate in the task at hand; counseling, speaking, professional development, or corporate training.  


She has executive management skills and has successfully operated a private practice of a diverse group of clinicians since 1998 which has helped over 10,000 people. Positive Influences was locally opened in 2000 and now has locations in two cities. 


She recently joined Paul Quinn College as the Mental Health and Wellness Clinic Coordinator to design and manage the facility for the students.  In the private sector, she has provided corporate training on Ethics, Stress Management, Organizational Development/Time Management, Accountability in the Workplace, Grief Recovery and Cultural Diversity. Professionals have lauded her execution of ethics courses as she makes even the most mundane of subject matters come to life. Her most treasured experience is in her family.  


She has been married for 25 years and has two adult children.  You can learn more about their experiences of parenting in the book penned by the entire family, "The Balancing Act Family Guide."   Visit Dr. Stacia"

Cathy Dabney

Cathy Dabney is a mom, a motivator, author, and broadcaster on the HSBN network. Her show is called, Stay In The Light!  


Cathy is the Founder and CEO of, A View From The Top MinistriesShe is a licensed educator and has been in education most of her professional career which began at age 15. Cathy is highly regarded by her colleagues. She captivates everyone she encounters with her sincere heart and contagious compassion by the way she encourages others to exude confidence, excellence and unwavering faith, in the pursuit of living their best life.

Cathy began her speaking career in Lansing, Michigan speaking at professional women’s associations at Michigan State University. Her speaking platform has included educational institutions, ministries, women’s conferences, businesses, and domestic violence shelters.

Due to her philanthropic passion, Cathy founded De Leon Consulting and RC Dabney Group in the State of Michigan, and the Making A Difference Foundation in Las Vegas, Nevada


Cathy resides in Phoenix, Arizona, and has three children Alexis, Sadie and Armani. 


Spearheaded Initiatives Includes:
Promoting Literacy Among Our Youth - Readers Are Achievers 
Random Acts of Kindness Month
Keep A Child Warm Operation
Victorious Women Warriors
New Year New Career Clothing Drive
Attentive Ears for Your Tears
Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway Event
Reading Rockstars


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Pastor Jennifer Tarkington

Dr. Jatun Dorsey is a transformational speaker, life and business coach, professor, and four-time Amazon Best Selling author. She is also founder of The Commend Her Network (TCHN), a 501(c)(3) organization focused on encouraging girls and women to collaborate versus compete. Additionally, she co-hosts the podcast, Date With

The Dorseys, along side her husband.

With both a masters and doctorate in business administration plus

over ten years of corporate leadership experience, she supplements her lived experiences with structured knowledge to positively impact the lives of others. The assemblage of her background creates an elixir of knowledge that whether in the classroom, boardroom, or banquet room, has proven to be what her clients and audiences appreciate most.

Dr. Jatun is the true essence of a renaissance woman who has a

passion for helping others launch or scale their business, optimize time and function as their highest created self. Her mantra, Be Inspired, Be Impactful, Be Intentional, continues to be the foundational pillar of everything she teaches, coaches, and writes. When not focusing on her passion of inspiring and encouraging others, Dr. Jatun enjoys spending time with family, dancing, relaxing, and singing karaoke.

Her favorite things are massages, plum wine, laughter, and dates with her husband.

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Dr. Jatun Dorsey

 A graduate of Abilene Christian University, Chera has pursued art and design in all aspects of her life. In 2016, Chera found a way to bring her love of art to the Miss Texas stage by performing a speed painting of Elvis Presley. She graced the Ted Talk stage in 2017 performing a compelling and emotional painting performance, A Life Comprised of Brush Strokes, at TedxACU. She now resides in Dallas, Texas and works as an Art Director for Mary Kay Corporate. 


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Chera Chaney

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