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A PrayHERS  Woman...

   When Hers matter to you as much as it matters to HER.

Tammy Dean



Helping women believe that they can!


PrayHers was birthed out of a heart that had grown tired of being consumed, and entangled with its own hopes and dreams. A heart that was too selfish to realize that there is enough of God's blessings for everyone to enjoy. Therefore, it was ok to celebrate HER life, HER business, HER wealth, HER relationships, and HER well-being.  

Take the Challenge!

What are you praying about? 

Don't spend another day consumed with just your own hopes and dreams. Pray about HER career,  HER finances, HER marriage, and HER aspirations and watch YOURS  grow as a result. 

In Hers is Yours. What does that mean? 

Imagine that you have an apple seed in your hand and you desire to have apples. Inside of the seed you are holding are the apples you desire, but the only way to get to the apples is to plant the seed into the ground.

YOU represent the apple seed.


Your sister represents the ground. When you sow into HER life and the lives of others, you reap a return.  Do you want love? Sow love. Do you want finances? Sow or give finances. Do you want a husband? Pray for someone else to be blessed with a husband. You may never know how far and wide the fruit of your seed will spread, but rest assured you will reap!

How does the challenge work?

For 31 days you will pray on behalf of another sister.  Each day consist of a Bible scripture, topical summary, and a prayer for you to pray on behalf of another.  

So, gather the women in your sisterhood group, your church, or gather friends and family,  and unite for 31 days of unselfish love one for anotHER!