Mission & Vision



...pray one for another that you may be healed. James 5:16


If you want to help empower women:

The Mission:  

UNITE Women. IGNITE Passions. BIRTH Dreams.

By creating an environment that is based solely on LOVE and UNITY, and one that is free from strife and jealousy, women are apt to open their hearts, share their dreams, and pray one for another that those dreams may become a reality. 


~pray ye one for another that you may be healed. James 5:16



The Vision:



  • To be a world-wide network of Christ-centered women, from different races, who believe that their uniqueness, voice, gifts and talents are necessary to the world.  

  • To host powerful and purposeful events that UNITE and induce women into giving BIRTH to their dreams.


  • To help women grow spiritually through life application Bible teaching, making success inevitable in every area of life.


  • To have an unquestionable presence in the world by establishing global regions where business owners, at-home-moms, teachers, and community leaders can come together in small group settings, working together in their respective communities to create meaningful and long-lasting relationships that will benefit them and the world around.


  • To make the PrayHers name synonymous with powerhouse women who are SUCCESSFUL, CONFIDENT, DEDICATED, and TENACIOUS about living out their purpose in life while passionately helping other women to do the same.

  • Recognize and honor women who are empowering other women to prosper!


Endeavor to, Never Leave a Sister Behind! Be conscious of HERS and PRAY it! If that sounds like you then...Welcome to the Sisterhood!

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