Tammy Dean  

visionary founder


After spending 7 years in banking and 12 years in real estate, Tamara L. Dean, aka Tammy is now the visionary for a sisterhood called, PrayHers. A mindset that inspires women to give birth to their dreams and purpose by following the model for sowing and reaping found in James 5:16 of the Bible ...pray ye one for another that you may be healed. Tammy believes that as you sow into HERS you will reap YOURS. This idea birthed the brand, PrayHers~In HERS is YOURS!


Instead of preying on each other's accomplishments, Tammy encourages women to pray for each other's success. 

It is Tammy's passion to help women across cultural lines to fulfill their God-given destiny. One of the ways she is accomplishing this is by hosting monthly small group meetings in the Dallas TX area, called Sisterhood Saturday. It’s where women come together in an environment that is safe to share, get IGNITED, and BIRTH their dreams.  

Every September PrayHers Inc host the Sisterhood~Call to Unity conference. An event that aims to brings women together for a time of healing, empowerment, and restoration.   


Tammy believes that as women begin to develop the PrayHers mindset, not only will it help eliminate jealousy and needless competition among women, but more women will begin to live a more fulfilled life due to the power of prayer, love, and unity.    


Tammy is changing the hearts of women with her book,  In Hers is Yours. This is a book that demonstrates how rewarding it can be to pray other women out of the pit and into their rightful place of authority and blessings.


Tammy is a graduate of Central Michigan University with a degree in business.  She and her husband Freddy, a graduate of Pistis school of ministry, along with their daughter Destiny, live in the area of  Dallas, Texas.   


Other involvements include, Women of Visionary Influence (WOVI) vice president for mentoring.  Toastmasters vice president for membership.


To learn more about the PrayHers' vision, visit www.prayhers.com