What women are saying about the

PrayHers 31-Day challenge!

 " The Prayer Challenge helped me to shed pounds of unforgiveness I didn't even realize I was carrying. It provided immense clarity, and an alignment with a community of women  from different zip codes. 

C Dabney ,  NV

 "God has released,  regenerated, renewed and restored so much that was buried and hidden deep within my soul/spirit through this challenge"


T. Wheeler, TX.

"I'm just laughing because when I get off the calls I am so pumped up and feeling full. I have to tell somebody!! THANK YOU for such a great table to eat at and get FULL."        Esther, TX   

"Im Loving the challenge! It's a REAL BLESSING TO GET MY MIND OFF ME AND MY STUFF AND FOCUS ON SOMEONE ELSE!  It's very Refreshing!  ~      Jalona, OH

The challenge has changed the trajectory of my heart in major ways!       Shalonda, IN

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Be a part of a movement where women are not ashamed to...PrayHers

The face of PrayHers is every woman who has gone through a divorce, domestic abuse, drug addiction, molestation, homelessness, uncertainty, heartache, abortion, or mental breakdown. She is a leader, a business woman, a single-mom, or at-home-mom. Every woman with a dream in HER heart, YOU are the face of PrayHers!    
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 "…Raise women up in the nations to know who they are and what they've been called to do. God is looking for women who understand authority, women who are not afraid ..."  He is looking for women who are willing to volunteer their heart, gifting, talent, time, and resources--to be broken for the plight of others."        


~ Excerpt from The Sisterhood, By Bobbie Houston

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