"I am writing this with tears falling from my eyes as I think about this book and this challenge, because it came to me at a time when I felt like I really needed something, and now that I have finished reading the book I know that this is just what I needed.  I can't even explain the peace that I feel inside.   ~Monique Dear, MI 


 “ This book has been a game changer for me!!! It takes showing LOVE toward others to another level!!! Want a husband ladies? How about praying for another woman to receive her husband? Want a new house? Then how about praying for another woman to receive her house. "  

Stephanie L. Jones,  Author of,  

The Enemy Between My Legs.


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Be a part of a movement where women are not ashamed to...PrayHers

The face of PrayHers is every woman who has gone through a divorce, domestic abuse, drug addiction, molestation, homelessness, uncertainty, heartache, abortion, or mental breakdown. She is a leader, a business woman, a single-mom, or at-home-mom. Every woman with a dream in HER heart, YOU are the face of PrayHers!    
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 "…Raise women up in the nations to know who they are and what they've been called to do. God is looking for women who understand authority, women who are not afraid ..."  He is looking for women who are willing to volunteer their heart, gifting, talent, time, and resources--to be broken for the plight of others."        


~ Excerpt from The Sisterhood, By Bobbie Houston

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