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Mission Accomplished. We Did It!

Destiny's Dream!



 "Be a life changing person, and help change the lives of the homeless."

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NOTE: If you would like a receipt for your taxes please put it in the note section when you give, and one will be provided through the shelter.

The strategy to raise money:  To get 52 people to give at least $20 by December 18th. If you are unable to give $20, please give what you can. Thank you in advance! 


ABOUT ARLINGTON LIFE SHELTER: Arlington Life Shelter serve men, women, and children in the Dallas-Ft Worth area. They are in the process of expanding their facility so that they are able to help more people. The uniqueness of the Arlington Life Shelter is that the people there are not necessarily the homeless standing on the street corner holding a sign, but those who were once on top until "life happened" causing them to lose it all with nowhere to go. Therefore, you may meet people with a college degree alongside a person with little education. It doesn't matter what brought them to the shelter, but that there is a shelter available. The goal of the Arlington Life Shelter is to help their clients return to a life of sufficiency, and break the cycle of poverty. 

 Click to learn more about ALS

Meet Destiny & Friends

Studio taping on the set of Life Today studio:

Jazarah, Destiny, and Giselle with Karen Abercrombie (aka Ms. Clara) from the movie, The War Room,

 Hi my name is Destiny. For the past two years I have raised money for the Arlington Life Shelter so that the homeless staying there can have a wonderful Christmas! It all started when our family was on the way to church I would always see homeless people on the corner asking for money. I asked my mom if homeless people got Christmas gifts. She said she didn't know, so I told her  I wanted to get them presents, and that's how Destiny’s Dream started. 

This year  I have invited my friends to help me. Their names are Giselle and Jahzara. I invited them  because they both have creative minds and a talent to think outside the box. Giselle would be good at coming up with flyer ideas so that people know what we are doing, and Jahzara is good at getting the word out to everybody.

Together, with the help of our friends and family,  I think we can do it.


Hi my name is Giselle, and I am 10 years old. I enjoy singing, volleyball, basketball, soccer, and running track. I also enjoy being a part of invention camp, because I want to be an engineer in robotics.

I want to be a part of Destiny’s Dream, because I already have experience in helping the homeless. I used to help pass out food twice a month to make sure families had a good meal.


Hi my name is Jahzara, and I am 10 yrs old. I enjoy hanging out with my friends, basketball, and being creative. I want to be a fashion designer. The reason I want to help with Destiny's Dream is because it's something that I always wanted to do. I like helping and bringing a smile to people's face.  


Quizzing each other on homework before brainstorming session on how to raisie money.   easy.

Book signing for Priscilla Shirer's Princess Warriors. 

Destiny, Jahzara, Priscilla Shirer, Tamara Dean

Changing Lives 2014, 2015

2015~ Destiny presenting Chandra Thompson, 

Director of Volunteer Services with a tree filled with $700 worth of gift cards.

Destiny 2014 w/ Janel Holt,

Assistant Executive Director @ ALS

 Destiny w/ Ms. Cynthia @

the Arlington Life Shelter Luncheon~2014

 Destiny receiving words of encouragement from other invited guest at the 2014 ALS luncheon.

Some of the Christmas gifts bought in 2014 for the families @ ALS 

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