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Dr. Stacia’Alexander is a seasoned mental health professional, author and speaker. Her experience in capturing an audience's attention centers around her matter-of-fact approach. She uses her knowledge of human behavior to develop and execute programming that engages audiences to fully participate in the task at hand; counseling, speaking, professional development, or corporate training.  


She has executive management skills and has successfully operated a private practice of a diverse group of clinicians since 1998 which has helped over 10,000 people. Positive Influences was locally opened in 2000 and now has locations in two cities. 


She recently joined Paul Quinn College as the Mental Health and Wellness Clinic Coordinator to design and manage the facility for the students.  In the private sector, she has provided corporate training on Ethics, Stress Management, Organizational Development/Time Management, Accountability in the Workplace, Grief Recovery and Cultural Diversity. Professionals have lauded her execution of ethics courses as she makes even the most mundane of subject matters come to life. Her most treasured experience is in her family.  


She has been married for 25 years and has two adult children.  You can learn more about their experiences of parenting in the book penned by the entire family, "The Balancing Act Family Guide."   Visit Dr. Stacia"

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