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Passionate, candid, and compelling, Gloria’s ministry focuses on God’s big three-- faith, hope, and love. She has lived a life of faith for nearly 40 years, and today she says that HOPE is an acronym for Having Only Positive Expectations because regardless of what you’re going through, you will come out on the other side victorious simply because God loves you!


Gloria’s personal story is one of “mourning at night, but joy in the morning.” Everybody goes through challenges in life, but the attack on her family made headlines. It was discussed on websites and reported in newspapers. God brought her out of a tremendous mess, but she now has a powerful message!


Titles don’t mean much to her; she’s been called Pastor, Minister, and Reverend. In over 20 years of full-time ministry, she has been a worship leader, Bible school instructor, staff minister, itinerant preacher, church planter, assistant pastor, and pastor. 


Her favorite and most influential titles are those of wife and mother. Her two adult children are both serving God in full-time ministry. Her daughter is an anointed worship leader, youth pastor, and Christian vlogger. Her son pastors Faith4life church in Carrollton, TX, where they good-humoredly call her the "Reverend Mother." She currently assists in a leadership and preaching capacity at his church, travels to other churches bringing a solid, Spirit-filled and Bible-based message of hope and serves other ministries as a ghostwriter creating newsletters, books, and articles. 


She’s lived in lots of places, but for now, she and her husband, the Amazing Mr. Mike Brintnall, make their home in the outskirts of Dallas. Together they have 6 children and 5 grandchildren.


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