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The Recap of The PrayHers 31-Day challenge 2020

Defying The Urge to Quit!


 ~Thank you for this 31 day challenge. It has been such an encouragement for me to define the urge to quit. I know the Lord has great things in store for this ministry and all the women that's connected. Again thank you and Tieja. You two are jewels. Love you.

 ~ Can you pray about continuing the prayer line? maybe once a week, once a month. I’m really going to miss it. It blessed me so much this time around. Thanks for today. It really spoke to where I’m at right now.


 ~ This prayer challenge has been such a blessing, Tammy. I cannot put it into words. I look forward to it every morning. As always...thank you for your commitment.  Have an amazing day! 



Our theme for the Nationwide PrayHers 31-Day challenge was, Defying the Urge to Quit!  


With 2020 being an usual year it left many contemplating the idea of quitting. Quitting the business, the ministry, the dream,or the marriage, but guess what? We can't quit now! We have come too far!  


The challenge was for those feeling:  







Even for those:







The PrayHers 31-Day challenge was an opportunity to get away from being self-absorbed, and end the year strong as we pray one for another.


Every Monday-Thursday 6:00am-6:40 CST, we came together via conference call for a time of motivation and prayer. IT WAS AMAZING!




1. Make the commitment! The first step is to commit.


2. Grab your book, In HERS is YOURS.


3. No book option: If you don't have the book, do a prayer exchange: Invite a sister(s) to join you in the challenge. Make a list of things you would like her to pray about. She does the same for you. During the challenge commit to pray one for another. 


 4. Join us for morning prayer and motivation. Monday-Thursday 6:00am-6:40am(CST).

Dial 515-604-9350 Access 701467#

5. Register, and prepare your mind to finish strong.

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