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Hey Gurrl!

I pray that this day finds you focusing on what matters, forgetting what don't, and enjoying life from a renewed perspective. I pray that you let all things be done decently and in order (1Corinthians 14:40). In Jesus' name. Amen

I don't know about you, but I thrive on order. Chaos brings mass confusion to my brain, and causes me to lose focus, which leads to lost time, and lost productivity. Normally, that happens when all the things I would like to accomplish begins to swarm my mind like flies around food. Instead of focusing on the task at hand I spend more time swatting away indecisiveness, then I do getting things done. Dr. Caroline refers to this as, milkshake multi-tasking.

Although, our brain is extremely intricate and complex does not mean our life has to be! Allow me to repeat. Just because our brain is extremely intricate and complex doesn't me our life has to be. We can create an order and system by which we live.

I encourage you to watch the short 2 minute and 25 second video, below. It was a great reminder of our innate ability to accomplish multiple things in an orderly fashion, and the importance of giving quality focus that we may gain quantity in other areas.

3 Nuggets from the video on Milkshake-Multitasking that I needed to hear!

1. "We are designed to shift between tasks and thoughts in an ordered, organized, very fast way. We are designed to do busy, well!"

2. "Where your mind goes, your brain follows."

3. "Ask God to direct your day-to-day living."

Basic stuff to help us become more productive without all the chaos and confusion. Now, are you ready? Here it comes. A plug for the conference.

This years Sisterhood Call to Unity conference will help women simplify their mission in life, gain clarity, and become more focused and effective in all areas of life- Faith, finances, fitness, and purpose. Let's get, Back 2 Basics. I believe God is calling us to it. Get your girls together, and grab your early responder tickets before they fly away:).

Until next time I will be praying yours, and I hope you are praying mine.


Thank you for your support




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