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What Are You Willing to Give In Order to Receive? How about 31 days? Imagine if everything you want in your life-peace, prosperity, health, a great career, and a happy family-was tucked away inside of a tiny seed, and the only way to birth what's on the inside of that seed was by praying for someone else to receive their desires. Would you pray?


The PrayHers 31-Day Challenge, is a book of unselfish love. It's an opportunity to pray passionately for the desires of others as if it were your own. As you do so, you release the answers to your own prayers. Hence the meaning of, In Hers is Yours. Each day begins with a scripture reference, a topic summary, and ends with a prayer for you to pray on behalf of another.  


The PrayHers 31-Day challenge is an endeavor to, Never Leave a Sister Behind! So, grab your friends, family, sisters, or those in your women's group, and don't spend another day consumed with just your own hopes and dreams. Pray about HER career, HER finances, HER marriage, and HER aspirations, and watch YOUR life and HERS change forever! #sisterhood #unity

In HERS is YOURS~ The PrayHers 31-Day Challenge

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