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 There is Life After Lupus!

Written By Tamara L. Dean



Tera Davis-Adams might be a Navy Veteran, but her most life-threatening battle had nothing to do with guns, or fighting off enemy attacks. Instead, at the age of 28, she found herself fighting, ‘Inner-me’ attacks. Inside of her body was a silent killer that had been secretly lurking and hiding itself in her joints and organs going undetected by medical examinations, and the expert knowledge of the doctors. Before she knew it… she was ambushed.  


The enemy was no longer a secret, it had a name.  Lupus! A disease that is off the radars of many.  A disease that is rarely talked about, or even heard of.   An autoimmune disease where the body’s immune defenses turn and begins to attack itself.  In Tera’s case she had to undergo the painful process of two hip replacements, a hysterectomy and the removal of her appendix. 


Although, the disease affect people in different ways it’s no secret that it can kill if not dealt with.  Now, at the age of 41 Tera Adams is determined not to be gunned down by the ruthless attack of lupus. No! Instead, she has chosen to put on her armor of faith and fight for her life as well as bring awareness to the disease so that others are not caught off guard.



Tera: I knew something was wrong because, I was having fevers of 104, and 105; and I was losing a considerable amount of weight. I was blacking out, and I had no desire to eat.


PrayHers: Why do you think it is important to bring awareness to lupus?


Tera: I want to bring awareness to this disease because, it almost took my life, not once, not twice, not three times, but four times.  Each time that I almost lost my life, I knew that God definitely had to have a plan for me.  I have challenges, but it has made my relationship with God stronger.


We need to let people know that lupus is a silent killer. I have known several people who have died from it. So, it is important to check up on your body. 


PrayHers:  What advice would you share with other women who are battling lupus?


Tera: I would tell other lupus survivors to stay active. Water aerobics is the best for systemic lupus. It has helped me a lot! I still have aches and pains, but not as bad as when I was first diagnosed.


PrayHers: How has having a positive attitude helped you in your fight?


Tera:  Being positive helps with Lupus. Waking up telling God thank you, helps. Speaking life into yourself, and having a great support group of family and friends also helps. Also, know that many lupus survivors suffer with depression.  When I was depressed, I felt so alone, and I felt like I was in this fight alone. But, I had an earthly angel come and whisper in my ear. “You are a fighter, you are an overcomer, you are victorious, and the most important thing is... you are a SURVIVOR! Her prayers, and the prayers of my family got me through.


PrayHers: What advice would you give to an individual who has a spouse or family member battling lupus?


Tera: If you are the spouse of someone who has lupus, the most important thing that you can give them is your patience and your time. Hear them, not just listen. Words have a lot of meaning. Exercise with your spouse, and lastly continue to date your spouse. I refuse for my husband to give me a pity party or anyone else for that matter. During a recent vacation I had a flare up (a sudden appearance of disease symptoms) where I spent the majority of the time in the hotel room, unable to do much at all because of the pain I was experiencing. But, I refused to make everyone else a hostage to my pain so I urged them to continue enjoying their vacation. My only requirement, "Bring me some food back." lol!



PrayHers: Is there anything else you would like to share with those who may be reading your story?


Tera: I want others to know that my battle with lupus has not been easy. Because of lupus, I have had to have two hip replacements, I have had to have a bone replaced, also a hysterectomy. These things happened  between the age of 28yrs–30yrs . I was so depressed because I could not have children with my husband. But after much laying of hands, and prayer, God showed me that there is much more for me to do. There is life after lupus. I am a witness, and survivor.


If you want to learn more about Tera, donate to her mission to help save lives, or learn more about the signs and symptoms of Lupus visit Tera’s website at


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