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Conference Host & Speaker

Tamara L. Dean

The Call to Unity mission:  To help HEAL, RESTORE, AND EMPOWER women of every race by breaking down barriers, and building meaningful relationships in an atmosphere that is conducive to BIRTHing dreams and changing lives.  

The horn is sounding! The Master's Calling, Will you answer?

Shift Happens! And when it does, a woman has the inwardness to adjust HER sail, straighten HER crown, and keep it moving. It's what we do!





Imagine a life where you are FREE to be yourself. A life where you are FREE to express your inner truth. A life where you are  FREE from the thoughts and opinions of others,  where you are no longer bound by your own fears, or perceived limitations.  You are simply FREE TO BE. IMAGINE THAT! 


The  Sisterhood Call to Unity Conference (#c2unity2020) has shifted!  We are transforming this years conference  from a LIVE event to a VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE that feel as connected as the real thing. The same power and energy will  find its way through the power lines, and cables in order to reach you know matter where you are in the world.     



  • TOGETHER, we will address the totality of the woman. 

  • Who is she?  What is HER brand? 

  • What makes her uniquely HER, and how does she tap into that?  

  • How does she BEcome whole in her mind, body, soul, and finances. And why is it important that all 4 work in synergy.   



  • Praise & Worship

  • Life application Bible teaching.

  • Hear  from transformational and inspirational  speakers who are gifted to IGNITE and stir up your goals and dreams.   

  • A panel of top-notch women who will share their expertise on various topics. 

  • Expect for your business, your family, and your career to transfom to the degree it will astound you, and those around you.  

  • Divine Connections.

  • Prize give-aways, and more.  GET READY! TRANSFORMATION IS HERE!!!



The Unity Team


Stay in expectation! We will be announcing our speakers soon. You are going to love them. Until then enjoy some virtual views.