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 2020 Flyer c2unity.png

"I am so glad that I attended the conference. It was Awesome!"

~ Judy

"Very interactive, encouraging, and informative."


~ Joann

"I was hanging on to Tammy’s every word. It was powerful!"



The Call to Unity conference is a time to HEAL, RESTORE, and EMPOWER women of every race by breaking down barriers, and  building meaningful relationships in an atmosphere that is conducive to BIRTHing dreams, and changing lives.

The horn is sounding! The Master's Calling, Will you answer, THE CALL TO UNITY?

Tammy Dean Host
Conference Host & Speaker
Tamara L. Dean

Imagine a life where you are FREE to be yourself.


A life where you are FREE to express your inner truth. A life where you are FREE from the thoughts and opinions of others, where you are no longer bound by your own fears, or perceived limitations. 

You are simply FREE TO BE. IMAGINE THAT! 


The  Sisterhood Call to Unity Conference (#c2unity2020) has shifted! We are transforming this years conference from a LIVE event to a VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE that feels as connected as the real thing. The same power and energy will find its way through the power lines, and cables in order to reach you no matter where you are in the world.



  • TOGETHER, we will address the totality of the woman.

  • Who is she? What is HER brand?

  • What makes her uniquely HER, and how does she tap into that?

  • How does she BEcome whole in her mind, body, soul, and finances? And why is it important that all 4 work in synergy.


  • Life application Bible teaching.

  • Praise & Worship

  • Hear from transformational and inspirational speakers who are gifted to IGNITE and stir up your goals and dreams.   

  • A panel of top-notch women who will share their expertise on various topics.  Expect for your business, your family, and your career to transfom to the degree it will astound you, and those around you.  

  • Divine Connections.

  • Prize give-aways, and more.

Felicia Maxwell
Felicia Maxwell


Felicia is a wife, mother, personal fitness trainer, nutrition coach, mentor, sought after speaker, adjunct professor, teacher, and the proud owner of Fit4Life Health and Fitness LLC.

Gloria Brintnall
Gloria Brintall


Gloria’s story is timely, shocking, sensational, encouraging, enlightening, and hopeful. Gloria’s story is truly one of mourning at night, but joy in the morning. 

Cathy Dabney
Lori Pelzer.jpg
Cathy Dabney


Cathy is a mother, wife, entrepreneur, author, broadcaster & is commonly referred to by others as a light. Cathy is the Founder and CEO of A View From The Top Ministries.

Lori Pelzer


Lori is CEO of GirlGoBeGreat Lifestyle Success, Co. She  is recognized as a frontline women empowerment leader, business & success coach supporting women entrepreneurs.

Loni Crawford.png
Bridgette Reed


 Bridgette Reed is an emerging voice in America as an ambassador for motherhood, marriage and healthy families. Recently, she has partnered with major brands such as TOYOTA to give back to communities.  

Melissa Miller


Melissa Miller has been in the financial services industry for over 20 years. Prior to coming to Edward Jones, I was the SVP of operations for over 200 broker dealers in registered investment advisors while working at Apex clearing. My desire to help families and small business owners led me to Edward Jones.

Dr Dionne.jpeg
Dr. Dionne Gibbs


Dr. Dionne Gibbs, RN, BS, MSN, Ph.D. (affectionately known as Dr. D)  is the owner and operator of Shades of Life, LLC where she offers life coaching and consulting to women. Dr. Gibbs is the founder of the Hampton Roads Health Symposium, Shades of Life Medical Training Institute, and the author of The Shades of Life that Revealed the She in Me.


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