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Did you know that God cares about our health? As a matter of fact scripture tells us: Beloved, I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in HEALTH, even as your soul prospers (3 John 2). God wants us well in mind, body, and soul. 


 HER Health is designed to help women live, not a perfect life, but an improved life. If we want to be effective on our jobs, in our businesses, or in our homes we must be physically equipped. We can't allow sickness or disease, or weight issues to slow us down or prevent us from fulfilling our purpose in this life. Therefore, if you need ideas on healthier eating options, meal ideas, exercise tips, or want to read how other women are dealing with various issues then you will surely enjoy what's to come on HER Health! 


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Get Fit With Felicia! 

          By Tamara L. Dean

Meet a woman who is fierce, focused, and not to mention…very fit.  And if  I may add another ‘F word,’ it would be flygirl, because in my opinion she meets the urban definition: A sexy chic with a swag all her own; confident. A girl who knows what she wants and goes for it! 

Her name?

Felicia Maxwell,  a true super woman. She is amazing and passionate! I've known her now  going on 10 years, so there is so much I can say about her. I have witnessed her transformation for myself. I saw her go from basic to beast in terms of her workout. Actually, I think this superwoman just might have lungs of steel. I worked out with her before, and she will out perform the energizer bunny any day. She keeps going and going! We started off with a kickboxing class, and when that was over we  went across the hall for an intense cycling class! I guess kickboxing was the warm up? All I know is that after a while I exited stage left. 

Felicia’s  life outside of the gym is just as demanding. She is a wife, a mother of two who left a six-figure job working for a reputable bank, to raise her children. She holds a masters degree in finance, which she uses to teach finance classes to on-line students. She is active in her kid's school as well as in her church. She is a motivator, a confidante, a true sister girl! The kind you want in your corner! And she manages it all with calculation and control as if to say, “Is there anything too hard for God?”

I told you there was a lot I could say.

Felicia Maxwell’s mantra is, Fit4Life, and she means it! When you can make the statement, “ I don't know how to NOT exercise,” you have indeed made fitness a part of your life. 


Felicia is a certified instructor in group fitness, Kickboxing, Pilates, Personal training, and Bokwa (Similar to Zumba, but supposedly easier and just as fun).


PrayHers:  What made you decide to make fitness your lifestyle? How long have you been on this journey to health?


Felicia: I ’ve enjoyed my pear shape since a young girl and was comfortable in my own skin.  Things changed at the age of 19.  I gained 10 pounds during my first year of college, started as a manager working at Burger King during my second year of college and gained an additional 15 pounds.  My boyfriend, at that time, moved in with me during my sophomore year, and that's when the bottom fell out.  He enjoyed my cooking, enjoyed going out to eat, but was also verbally and emotionally abusive.  I gained an additional 10 pounds while he lived with me.  


Thirty-five pounds later, I looked in the mirror at myself, and did not like who I was, and what I saw.  I decided that day to focus on me, my self-image and worth.  That day I asked God to give me wisdom, prayed for the strength to leave, called my godparents for prayer, and I packed and left that same night.  I never looked back.  

I started working out five days a week at the age of 25.  I felt so much better about who I was and how I looked.


I am almost 42 years old and have lost 40 pounds over the years.  About seven years ago, I realized I was supposed to help others with their self-image.  I would see people struggling with who they were/are, hear their stories, and the desire to help burned in me.  So, here I am enjoying every minute of it.


PrayHers:  How many days a week do you exercise? And what does a typical work-out day look like for you?  


Felicia: I work out 5 days a week.  My workouts vary from Pilates, kickboxing, circuit training, cycling, etc.  I like to mix it up so my body won’t plateau. A typical workout starts with a 5-minute warm-up (very important,) about 50 minutes of my exercises of choice, and a 5-minute cool down/stretch.  


PrayHers: How do you personally stay motivated to stay in the fight for fitness? How can a person avoid the on again off again mode and stay consistent. 


Felicia: I personally understand the benefits of exercise, and I am generally a self-motivated person when it comes to exercising.  In the early years, I joined gyms by myself, worked out five days a week at home in my basement alone, and most of my current workouts are still done alone.  I have made exercising a lifestyle.  I really do not know how to “not” workout.  I choose to “eat clean” 80% of the time.   I feel better, less sluggish and less fatigued when I eat clean.  I believe people should be educated on the importance and benefits of exercise.  Knowing that part is half the battle, and consistency is key.  The benefits of incorporating all of the aforementioned as a lifestyle outweigh the cons.  


Everybody is different.  What works for one person may not work for someone else.  For some, music alone does the trick.  It makes exercise feel easy, boosts endurance, helps you find your groove, and helps you pace yourself.  Some realize they need to be in a group or with a partner, and some are self-starters and realize they need to exercise. It is truly a mindset/lifestyle change.  


I do my best to make people realize and understand the importance of making it a lifetime journey.


PrayHers:  "I really do not know how to “not” workout." Those words speak so loudly to me, because it means that exercise has become ingrained in your life. I believe if many of us can just look at excercise as a non-negotiable in our lives we would have a lot more happier and healthier individuals.


PrayHers: It's vacation season, and many people will be traveling. What advice would you give to a that individual who doesn't want to sabotage the quest for a healthier lifestyle.


Felicia: Do your best to make healthy choices when going out to eat, have fun, but make and take the time to exercise and enjoy some “me” time while away! 


PrayHers: And I would also add, keep the goal in mind. Think about what you are trying to accomplish.  How badly do you want it?


PrayHers: It seems harder to eat healthy when your famiy is not on the same mission. How can you maintain a healthy lifestyle when your family still wants to eat a lot of processed foods, sugar, and fried foods?


Felicia:  Yes it is harder, but you have to stand your ground, set, and be the standard.  Eventually everyone will line up.  Educate your family on the importance of eating less processed foods, and show them how and why certain foods are detrimental to their health.  Get them involved. Purpose to let them hear and see what you are doing. Live and lead by example.


PrayHers:   What is the number one question you get asked when it comes to fitness? 


Felicia: "How can I get your arms?"  It’s funny, but true.


PrayHers: Most women I know want formed sexy arms, but struggle to achieve. Last month Dr. Michele shared her fav arm workouts, so now of course we want to know--what is your favorite arm exercise? 


Felicia: My thing is sexy arms and back, so I have several favs- bicep curls, upright rows, and arm flies.


When doing bicep curls I do 3 sets using 3 different weights. Set 1- 8 pounds (25 reps), Set 2- 10 pounds (20 reps), Set 3- 15 pounds (15 reps) 


PrayHers:  We hear a lot about detoxing the body. How often and what is your favorite detox? 



Felicia: I like to detox three times a year.  A 5-day juice detox is what I like best. But I also like other cleansing programs.


PrayHers:  What food or snack item is your kryptonite?


Felicia: I guess's a tough one!


PrayHers: There you have it! No matter how fit and fab you get you will still battle the pizza-lol! 

Q & A

In Conclusion: Thank you for sharing in this moment! I pray that you were able to grab hold of some motivation and determination to take your health and fitness to the next level.


The key to making that happen is to make it a non-negotiable in your life, just like our expert Felicia. Through dedication and consistency it is now ingrained into her very being. We must get that way! We might not be called to be a trainer, but we are definitely called to take care of our temples, so let's do it!


Until next time, I'm praying yours and I know you are praying mine!

Disclaimer: Any information shared on this page and is not intended as medical advice. Consult your health care provider for questions pertaining to your individual need.

If you are in the Detroit, MI area and you want to Get Fit with Felicia Maxwell visit her @ (coming soon), or email 



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