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The 4 Types of Women You Want In Your Posse!

Have you heard the saying, birds of a feather flock together? It simply means that people with similar interest or behaviors hangout together. So, who are you hanging with? Who are you allowing to take up space in your life? It’s a question we all must consider and revisit periodically, because it could be the very reason we are not seeing, or stopped seeing progress in our life.

We have people around who perhaps have overstayed their welcome. They have done nothing but drain our energy, speak contrary to our dreams, and drag us down the wrong road. So, how do we change it? How do we turn it around? We make sure we have the right posse. The right feathers if you will. The right group. So, let me share with you 4 types of women you want in your crew.

The 4 Types of Women You Want in Your Posse!

  1. The Encourager: Is the type of woman who is a cheerleader. She is upbeat, positive, and will not allow you to hang out at a pity party. She is your get- up-and-lets-go kinda girl. No matter your failures or shortcomings this individual is always available to fill you up with a dose of encouragement. She is the one you call when you feel like giving up.

  2. The Leader: This person is not afraid to tell you the truth. She is more concerned with your growth than she is protecting your feelings. Her intention is to help guide you into making right decisions. You only need one of this type no more than two. Because of their bold nature there is the possibility of conflict. You call the leader when you are not looking for your ego to be stroked. You need the raw truth from someone who will challenge your perspective.

  3. The comforter: Is that sister who is soft spoken, but firm and truthful. It’s rare that she gets upset, or raises her voice. It’s not in her nature, but she has a way of providing you reassurance, and making you feel much better. She is the one you call when you have the blues, because she is the optimist. She will help you find the good in a bad situation. She has the ability to double as an encourager.

  4. The prophet: Is very instrumental, because she is gifted with the ability to see and speak about your future. She can be very straightforward and direct. Oftentimes, she will say things that are confirmation to what you have been keeping in your heart. The prophet is a key player in your life because she has insight. Gut instinct to help assure and keep you motivated. She not only doubles as a leader, she is an encourager as well. She is multifaceted in the way she relates.

In my life I am blessed to have all four types of women! I usually know which one to turn to at any given time. Keep in mind that your "posse" doesn't have to be the kind of friend you spend a lot of time with. Their rolls can be for a a specific season in your life to help guide you toward your destiny.

NOTE: Our roles in our sister’s life can vary from sister to sister. For me, I notice that for some women I am a comforter while for another I may be a leader, or a prophet.

I challenge you to take a long hard look at your crew and see which members fits where. If you don’t see any of the mentioned characteristics then perhaps you need to regroup!

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