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The New Is In The Old

The New Is In The Old.

Oftentimes, we are in search of the fresh and new. Searching for new material, ideas, or content to write, post, or present to our "followers." For the past few months that was my predicament. The New Year did not bring fresh ideas with it. It was like the canvas board was wiped clean. A blank was all that I could come up with.

Suddenly, there it was! Sketched across the canvas of my mind, the words, The new is in the old. I knew instantly what that meant! Stop waisting time looking for something you already have. The new that you are searching for is locked up in that you have done before. Just re-release it!

Re-release means to release (something) again.

We see it all the time with music and television. How many times have you seen a remix of your favorite sitcom? Or, heard your favorite song from the past remade with a modern day twist? Or even watched a movie 5 times before you noticed a specific scene. Many times we are looking for the new when there is still so much to unearth from the old. We miss things along the way, perhaps it is time to go back and see what that was. With that being said I am looking forward to opening up my vault of writings, videos, and ideas to re-release them to you. Let's begin with something short and sweet that I wrote February 26, 2020 titled, It's An Illusion.

What do you call it when something appears other than what it really is? An illusion- a mistaken belief, or something wrongly perceived by the senses. Therefore, it is a mistaken belief when we don’t realize the power that we bring! It is a mistaken belief when we think that our skills, gifts, and talents are not as notable as the next person; thereby forgoing them. Or, believing that we are not pretty enough, smart enough, or worthy enough. The truth is...YOU ARE ENOUGH! WE ARE ENOUGH! So let's throw out self-doubt and negative talk, and let's begin to see ourselves in the image of God, the way we were meant to be seen. Beautiful, powerful, and worthy of respect! Walk in your power today!

Until next time. I will be praying yours and I hope you are praying mine~ Tammy

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1 Comment

This was so timely and so true for me. If we build on what we already have, weather it's improving a skill or fixing up things around the house, we can discover "newness" in the process. Thanks for sharing.

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