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Tamara L. Dean

Event Host/Speaker

The horn is sounding! The Master's calling, 

Will you answer?


Conference Mission: Break down barriers among women, and build meaningful relationships in an atmosphere powered by LOVE and UNITY!

This year’s, Sisterhood Call to Unity, conference is all about POWER! Electrifying. Stimulating. Explosive power. It is about women bringing  their positive energy, giftedness, strength, and yes..POWER together in an atmosphere that is electric and conducive to IGNITE-ing passions and BIRTH-ing dreams.  

Your presence is power!  There is something in YOU that will cause something in another woman to leap! And there is something in HER that will cause you to leap. We call that, In HERS is YOURS! 


Don’t underestimate the power that you bring!  Unite your tribe of close friends, family, and sisterhood group, or come alone, and meet new people! It’s going to be ELECTRIC!



  •  A time of Prayer & Worship  

  • To hear from dynamic speakers who are dedicated and passionate about empowering women to       live their best life. 

  • A loving and united atmosphere CHARGED for change.  

  • To make divine and lasting connections.  

  •  A sisterhood experience on a higher level.

  •  Good food and great fun!- Lunch included in ticket price.

Don't Underestimate The Power You Bring. It's Electric!


The Unity Team


The Call to Unity Conference is not just a time of UNITY and EMPOWERMENT, but it is also a time of





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